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How it all Began:

     My name is Amanda and the love of my life decided to give me a pretty awesome last name, Zinner.  Our relationship has literally been AmaZinn from day one and has not only been the inspiration for my company's name, but also the inspiration for following my heart. 

     Throughout my entire life I have had a creative mind and artistic soul.  I see beauty in everything and I love to capture that beauty.  I spend hours on end behind my camera intrigued and captivated by the sights of world and those in it.  I find inspiration everywhere, making it difficult for me to ever put my camera down.  My photography style is bright, vivid color and natural light; I love creating works of art much like paintings on a wall.  Seeing people see themselves in a beautiful way and knowing how much they love their photographs, makes me feel whole.

     My husband and I have literally been inseparable since day one, so after being on sidelines for months, Matt decided to pick up a camera, learn the trade, and join me as my second photographer.  The feeling of having my husband right by my side, makes what I love to do even more special and I am so grateful everyday! 

     Photos are timeless, essential, and precious.  They are windows into the past that allow us to share those moments in the future.  They help us remember details that fade throughout time and bring back the very emotions that we felt that day the picture was captured.

A little bit about Me:

     I was born and raised on the Eastern shore of Maryland, a very small town with country roots. I ventured off to the Baltimore area for college and attended Stevenson University. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from SU with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a double minor in Management and Theatre. 

     After college, I dabbled in event and wedding planning. I spent four years working at an accounting firm. During this time, I decided to persue my love of photography as a career. With a lot of hard work, dedication, experience, and tons of learning, I was finally able to start AmaZinn Photography. 

     As you already know, I am married to my amazing husband and co-photographer, Matt. We have two spoiled shih-tzus, Panda and Paisley. We are blessed with two of the most precious tiny humans on the planet, Brayden and Grayson. They are our world and dream come true! 

     In my spare time (when I actually get any) I enjoy spending time with family, all things music, and traveling. I am a Disney fanatic and beach lover, so of course, Florida is one of my favorite places to visit. I would describe myself as quirky, creative, easy-going, and loving. 

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