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A Dog on the Blog | Incorporating your Fur Baby in your Engagement Session

If you're like me, your dog is your baby and therefore, it only makes sense to have your pup as involved in the wedding process as possible. Incorporating your fur baby in your engagement photos is a perfect way to do just that, especially if you are unable to have them in your wedding.

Tara and Walt brought their handsome fur baby, Paisley, along for some photo fun and these photos turned out so stinkin' adorable! I could not have asked for a better model....and Tara and Walt didn't do so bad! Check out some of their incredible, 'fur-friendly,' engagement photos below.

I always welcome and encourage pups to join in the if you are thinking of having them tag along here are some tips to make the session successful:

1. Give me a heads up: Let me know that you'd like to incorporate your pup ahead of time. With me knowing, I can make sure that my hubby tags along if you don't have a friend or family member available to assist.

2. Location: Picking a dog--friendly location is key. This keeps the public and the pups much happier.

3. Bring some treats: Some pups, like Paisley, just love to work for the camera for free. Other pups may need some yummy encouragement.

4. Belly rub breaks work too!

5. Watch the weather: If it is raining, we can certainly still take some awesome photos or we can reschedule, however, we may not want to incorporate your pup if it is too muddy and you don't want to get your clothes messy. If you do...I'll certainly join in the fun!

6. Get creative: I absoultely loved the little sign that Tara and Walt used in their photos. It was fun and really captured the love that they have for their pup and each other, which I adore!

7. Show off your 'paw'esome pics for all to see and love:

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