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The Playa Dress by The House of Flynn

Last night I had the amazing opportunity to meet Maureen Flynn, the designer and owner of The House of Flynn. I have been in love with her work since the very first time I laid eyes on one of her unique and fashionable camera bags. Thanks to Maureen's creativity and gorgeous visions, she has expanded HOF to create even more products for her loyal tribe of taco mermaids to enjoy. From mini camera bags and luggage to camera straps and clothes. One of Maureen's newest products from her clothing line, is this absolutely stunning dress...the Playa Dress!

The best thing about Maureen and her products is that they are all created and designed with so much love!!! All of us that purchase her creations are not just customers...we are a community. I have never been into designer fashion, ever! I'm not even going to lie, I never saw value in spending hundreds of dollars on a purse, pair of shoes, dress, etc...but there is value in The House of Flynn because there is value in Maureen! Not only has she created products that are of super amazing quality, she has made products that we are so proud to wear! We feel special and gorgeous wearing and carrying her products. We love telling people where we got our bags and how much we love the owner. We love spotting HOF customers out and about, and making new mermaid friends! It's so hard to put into words what this company is to us! Maureen is so much more than the girl that reinvented the camera bag, she is a beacon of hope and a leader of positivity and love in an industry that can really be tough. So thank you HOF....thank you Maureen for allowing us to feel special and beautiful just by simply stepping into a dress...For reminding us to smile a little, twirl a little, and Playa little!

Playa Dress: The House of Flynn

Check out all of Maureen's beautiful products at

Thank you to Tracey Hart-Dorris of Tracey Hart Photography for Modeling this beautiful dress

Photography: AmaZinn Photography

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