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21 Candles and a Cake to Smash!

Ahhh, we all remember that day we woke up and were finally 21!!! The excitement, the anticipation...the fact that you knew you wouldn't be paying for a single drink all night!!!!! Turning 21 is so much fun and such a memorable moment, so why not treat it that way.

This is Jade. Jade is a photogfriend of mine and the owner of Jade Nikkole Photography. She is caring, charismatic, and loving... and today JADE TURNS 21!!!! So we celebrated with cake and bubbly! From blowing out 21 candles to grabbing handfuls of cake, she was able to embrace her inner child! As we grow, so do our adventures, experiences, and excitement...but sometimes we forget that it's okay to just be silly kids from time to time. That, my friends, is what this session is all about!

I hope you guys enjoy these photos as much as I do and I hope that everyone will share and join me in wishing Jade the happiest 21st birthday!!!

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